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U.S. misrepresented allegations against Meng Wanzhou to Canada: lawyer

Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou is back in a Vancouver court Monday, where her lawyers are arguing the United States omitted or misstated facts to Canadian officials ahead of her arrest. Meng is wanted on fraud charges in the United States, which she and Huawei have denied. 1:56 Lawyers for…
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China says US ‘oppressing’ Huawei with ‘national security risk’ label – National

China on Wednesday demanded Washington stop “oppressing Chinese companies” after U.S. regulators declared telecom equipment suppliers Huawei and ZTE to be national security threats. The Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday blocked the Chinese vendors from receiving subsidies from a government fund, stepping up efforts to limit their access to the U.S. market.…
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Huawei hid business operation in Iran after report linked CFO, documents show – National

China‘s Huawei Technologies acted to cover up its relationship with a firm that had tried to sell prohibited U.S. computer gear to Iran, after Reuters in 2013 reported deep links between the firm and the telecom-equipment giant’s chief financial officer, newly obtained internal Huawei documents show. Huawei has long described…